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Places of Puglia | 11 reasons why you should take an early sunday morning stroll through the Histori

1st - The Morning Sun coloring the Noble Homes

2nd - The local men dressed for the sunday morning walk or also known as "passeggiata sullo stradone"

3rd - I think they know the secret to life. Time

4th The feeling of walking in front of a Castle - Noble Home right in front of the San Domenico Church

5th You will find the local manufacturers restoring and full on working on a sunday morning - time 9:40 am

6th finding historic churches along your walk dating back to the 15th century.

7th walking underneath arched paths with religious affresco's

8 taking a moment to breathe in these picture perfect atriums (2 more pictures follow)

9 the majestic and unique entrances of the Noble Homes

10 Romantic and picturesque balconies

11 realizing you are actually living in a dreamworld and peoplpe still go around with the unbreakable Fiat Ape

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