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Culture and Tradition in Puglia | Carnevale di Putignano

Il Carnevale di Putignano is one of the most historic Carnival festivities of Europe, a tradition that was founded in the year 1394. Also credited as the longest festivity of Carnival in Italy, since the celebrations commence the 26th of December with "Le Propaggini".

In the month of February, the town of Putignano organizes several shows where "i maestri cartapestai" or also, the local paper-maché artisans are welcomed to exhibit their creations and concepts for the annual festivity.

The alleys of the Historic Town of Putignano on the night of Carnival

The unusual thing about the Carnevale di Putignano is that on the days of the Carnival Festivities the owners of storage spaces in the Historic Town of Putignano open their "Juso" and welcome the social gathering inside their private spaces; making the Carnival of Putignano a unique Southern Italian tradition.

The "Juso" in the Historic town of Putignano

"CHI HA TEMPO - NON ASPETTI TEMPO!" - "who has time - should not wait for time! "

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