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Masseria Faraone (www.masseriafaraone.com) binds to the following privacy policy stated here below:

At Masseria Faraone we strive for transparency and honesty in all that we do. By these means we would like to inform you that, as an online platform for trulli rental and registered bed & breakfast, we of Masseria Faraone collect data in order to deliver the best user experience for our online visitors on www.masseriafaraone.com.

The purpose of this statement is to inform you on what and how we collect your personal information through the data collected onto this site and how it may be used.

What & how we collect your personal information

In order to make your experience on the www.masseriafaraone.com website as optimal as possible we may collect the following information or data;

Personal information

voluntarily submitted information: When contacting us, or when booking a room, we of masseria faraone, collect your information which may include your name, e-mail address and phone number.

Publicly visible information

When you leave a comment on our stories, or review your stay on booking.com or Airbnb.com which may be publicly visible, we may collect this review or comment and use it at our sole discretion for marketing purposes. For example a guest from booking.com left us a review on our MASSERIA faraone listing, so we retrieved it and posted it on our home page in order to create trustworthiness and further transparency.

automatically-collected information: when voluntarily choosing to navigate Masseria Faraone's website, we automatically collect specific information which may be related to your IP address, from what device you accessed the website (mobile or desktop etc), the browser you choose (safari, chrome, firefox etc), at what time you accessed www.masseriafaraone.com, and we may also automatically collect your user navigation on our site, so what pages you viewed and for how long.


not the ones we bake for our morning breakfasts, cookies as in data logs which are stored on your browser when navigating on masseria faraone's website. Here below you will find the cookies which our website may be using with your consent, namely;

session cookies, which is information on your navigation that will be deleted once you exit www.masseriafaraone.com. an example of a session cookie is when, through our booking lounge, you select the dates of arrival and leave, number of guests and select which room you would like to book at Masseria Faraone. Simply put, this data makes it easier for you to use our website and facilitates your navigation when booking a room.

persistent cookies, which is information your browser keeps up until you delete it. Persistent cookies is actually very valuable information that we as site owners need in order to give you a unique user experience on our website. (If you care to delete your cookies after leaving our website you can simply follow this blog post by Jon Martindale, on digital trends, 2018)

Third-party Cookies

We may share your personal information with a third party only if we have received your explicit consent to do so. At this time, we use the following third party service providers

Google Analytics: Masseria Faraone makes use of Google's analytical tool to understand from what country you access our website, from what device, which pages you visit and for how long. In order to get all this information, Google Analytics obviously tracks your IP address and other related personal information.

If you do not wish for us to track your navigation data through google analytics, even though you expressed your consent when accessing Masseria Faraone's website, you can install the following Google Analytics opt-out browser add on right here. If you would like to know more about Google Analytic's Privacy Policy please have a look here

PayPal: Through our Booking Lounge right here You can book your trulli or suite online through our website. Please note that all online transaction completed through www.masseriafaraone.com website are handled by PayPal by these means we suggest you refer to PayPal's privacy policy right here for further information.

No other third party: At this moment in time there is no other third party retrieving your personal information, without your consent. This may change in the future ofcourse, however we will promptly notice you and accordingly ask for your consent to do so.

Social Network Cookies:

since Masseria Faraone is present on Facebook and Instagram we make use of social network cookies, instagram cookies and facebook cookies, which are necessary for your social network profiles to interact with our website. For example to like a post or to share a post through your personal social network profiles our instagram or facebook cookie will automatically log you into your personal social media profile and allow you to engage directly with our content.

How to delete cookies

If you do not wish your browser to store cookies after your navigation at Masseria Faraone's website you can follow your preferred browser's specific steps to delete cookies as listed here below

Internet Explorer - here

Firefox - here

Safari - here

google chrome - here


We of Masseria Faraone may be using you personal information for the following reasons:

  • to improve your website experience

  • to reply to your inquiries or requests

  • to send you marketing content, like newsletters (which you can decide to opt-out if you want to following the unsubscribe button

  • to analyse your user experience through www.masseriafaraone.com

  • to prevent any unauthorized or illegal activity

Secure transactions through https://www.masseriafaraone.com

We make use of wix.com platform as our main domain and website manager. Wix.com. (see point 6, 8, 12 and 13)

Our domain, www.masseriafaraone.com contains an HTTPS SSL certificate, a secure (if any of you would like to know what it stands for, it stands for hyper text transfer protocol secure (https), meaning that there is a safe and secure transfer of data between your browser and our website.

Since we plugged in the Wix+Hotel app through our website and by these means accept online payments, having a HTTPS CERTIFICATE ALLOWS YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION, NOT TO BE INTERCEPTED BY a third party without our consent. The transaction, like previously stated, is handled by PayPal, by these means we suggest you refer to PayPal's privacy policy right here for further information.

Sensitive personal information

masseria Faraone welcomes people from all over the world, we do not tolerate discrimination regarding race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and health. By these means, we will not request you to share with us any or all sensitive personal information on our website. Masseria Faraone was founded and stands for love, love to all living creatures co-existing on this planet we call earth.

Your right to access your personal information

As a Masseriafaraone.com user you are eligible to opt-out of future e-mail communication. You have all the right to access your personal information, amend and change your information or even ask us to forget/delete your personal information at any and all time.

with any requests or questions related to the privacy policy or your personal information submitted onto our website, www.masseriafaraone.com please do not hesitate to send us a message or e-mail us at masseriafaraone@gmail.com

Updated (May 21, 2018)

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