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All the things you can do, see and taste when at Masseria Faraone

History & Culture

History & Culture

 Martina Franca

martina franca

Martina Franca just 5 minutes by car from Masseria Faraone


admire the baroque mansions, Il Palazzo Ducale, La Porta di Santo Stefano (Piazza Roma), and La Basilica di San Martino (Piazza Pebliscito).(Lonely Planet Guide)


Alberobello just 20 minutes by car from Masseria Faraone 


Walk through the hundreds of Trulli homes of Rione Monti, Visit Local Artisans at Work, admire the Basilica dei Santi Medici Cosma e Damiano and Trullo Sovrano 

(Lonely PLanet guide)


Locorotondo, just 5 minutes by car from Masseria Faraone


Admire the CIRCULAR LAYOUT OF THE TOWN, THE Cummerse ancient homes with sloping rooftops, La Chiesa Madre, Il Palazzo Morelli (via morelli)(Lonely planet guide)


Cisternino just 10 minutes by car from Masseria Faraone


You can admire the Torre Grande Normanno Svevo AND La Chiesa Madre, ENTER THE FINELY RESTORED SHOPS & RESTAURANTS INSIDE THE Historic Town and enjoy the people (Lonely Planet Guide)

Food & Tradition

we have been busy eating all the good food, but this will show soon..

Food & Tradition

Countryside & Olive Trees

we have been walking through the whole Valle D'itria, and this will show soon too!

Countryside & Olive Trees
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