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Places of Puglia | Baroque Architecture, Historic Alleys and a blue painted sky in Martina Franca

Martina Franca, a small town overlooking the Itria Valley's countryside stands out for its Baroque architecture within its radiant Historic City Centre. Just 2 km from Masseria Faraone, Martina Franca embraces a historic and cultural landmark of Puglia.

From the Duke's Palace in Piazza Roma entering the Historic Town of Martina Franca, touching upon the Basilica of San Martino in Piazza Pebliscito, to the church of San Domenico in the most historic part of the Old Town.

Walking through the mystic alleys of the Old Town, we find the most breathtaking entrances to the Old town's Noble Homes, all portraying a unique and distinguished identity through the various colors of each door. From green, to pastel colored grey to pantone red. A magical afternoon spent in a surreal dimension, where the past still stands strong in between this fairytale setting.

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