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Masseria Faraone | Part 2 | restructuring old stalls in the Trulli della Corte

So, here we are again, back at it for the 2018 stories of Masseria Faraone with the second part of the restructuring of the old stalls in the Trulli della Corte (if you guys missed the first part of the story you can find it here).

A few things have changed, now let me first update you guys with these changes and thereafter I will quickly update you with the renovations of the Trulli della Corte. Here they come:

First Change: My mother Maria and I decided it would be best if we only put up two Trulli suites for rent through our website, and Like this we would be able to have the third Suite for our Family and Friends when they come visit us :)

Second Change: We decided it would be best to give them a legitimate name, instead of Trulli della Corte I and II. So now we have the Trulli della Corte "Il Fienile", or also known as Barn in english and then we have the Trulli della Corte "La Giuménta", or also known as the female donkey.

These names may sound a little random at first, but since our dream is to bring back to life the historic and authentic apulian Masseria, we owe it to ourselves to just strive for it, fully.

We happily shared with you guys these changes, quick premise however, things change all the time, so do not get shocked if in a few months you will see another name on our website, we will dutifully inform you in advance.

Moving on and back to the Trulli della Corte restructuring project, below you will find how in just 3 months, things have completely changed for the better, and hopefully we will complete these works by the end of April or May!

Trulli della Corte "Il Fienile"

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have the Trulli della Corte "Il Fienile", which will include a beautiful Master Bedroom, private living area, and en-suite bathroom with view overlooking the countryside.

The image above shows a preview of the private living room with a peak inside the bathroom. And the image here below was taken inside the private living room with a view of the Master bedroom.

As we like to keep the best for last, we will share with you only a part of the Master bedroom, which was originally used as a barn from the farmers living at the Masseria Faraone.

With every good story comes also a bit of blatant truth, a lot of money was invested to make sure whomever is welcomed at Masseria Faraone gets to enjoy all modern comforts inside a historic countryhouse. In fact, my mother made sure all the hydraulic and heating/cooling system was put up to date as you can see here.

Trulli della Corte "La Giuménta

Moving on, here we find the Trulli della Corte "La Giuménta" suite which will include a master bedroom and private ensuite bathroom with shower. The peculiarities of this suite are in fact the meringued Trulli cones which give you the idea of a snow covered home all year long. Originally this stall was home to the Giuménta, a female donkey whom strength was absolutely unique. My aunt, Zia Nuccia always tells me the story of how when she was my age, she would go to town on the back of a Giuménta.

Don't mind the mess, but the workers are doing their best to work under all weather conditions which we are very thankful for (and i mean -5 degrees cold temperatures, snow fall and rainy days).

This image was taken inside the Trulli della Corte "La Giuménta" with a preview of where the bed will be placed.

That was it for this time, will make sure to update you guys more frequently, in the mean time I would really love to wish you guys all a Happy Palms Sunday, here in italy its tradition to gather with the entire family and lunch all together.

Wishing you guys a good week ahead,

Love Always from the South of Italy

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