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Things to do | a stroll through the Wednesday's market in Martina Franca

​The local city market of Martina Franca is one of the most celebrated happenings of the week.

You will find a variety of things, ranging from local vegetable & fruit produce, vintage clothing, all the way to kitchen appliance, and beautiful flowers. An absolute joy of life

The most powerful thing of Martina Franca city market is the colorful vegetable and fruit stands, brought alive by the full of energy and ready to sell you anything attitude, people behind them.

Quality Price ratio is absolutely absurd, the prices reach (!!!) 0.75 cents per 1 kg of Apricots - for the most delicious and delicate apricots i have ever tasted.

You will find women of all ages, finely selecting the best cherries out of the stand, making sure they have the sweetest cherries inside their baskets.

Walking through the Wednesday city market is the perfect wake up call for experiencing Martina Franca like a true local.

Visit our historic farmhouse here and enjoy the southern italian dream with us

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