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Places of Puglia | all the things you should experience in Savelletri

For the lovers of the beach, just a 30 minute drive from Masseria Faraone, we recommend you visit Savelletri a small town right on the Adriatic sea, close by Fasano.

The perfect place for a good lunch, where you can enjoy the Italian Nonna looking out of her home, and enjoy the young Italian children playing around the streets with their one and only soccer ball (just like in movies)

After enjoying a good lunch at La Taverna di Umberto with a refreshing sparkling white wine and a fresh sea fruit first course we enjoy a long broadwalk along the harbor of Savelletri.

The weather is warm and the sun is shining so we decide to get a break at the Summer Time Bar Gelateria. After a good espresso and a delicious Italian Gelato we move forward towards the next adventure; a visit at the Egnazia Archeological Park

The Egnazia Archeological Park presents the ruins of a small town from the Ancient Roman Empire. A remarkable experience for the lovers of history and Italian culture.

Its 6 pm and the sun gently is setting, the perfect time for a good road trip back through the roads of the countryside of Fasano. Taking the Strada Provinciale 4 from Savelletri in direction to Fasano we gift our sight with the most majestic Olive Trees.

Food & Drinks in Savelletri

Art & Culture in Savelletri

Ancient Olive Trees Avenue (Strada Provinciale 4, Fasano)

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