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Places of Puglia | wondering through the historic town of Cisternino at sun down

Just 15 minutes from Masseria Faraone, peaking over the Valle d'Itria with Martina Franca and Locorotondo by her side, we find the historic town of Cisternino.

Listed as one of the most beautiful towns of Italy, Cisternino cherishes a medieval heart, evoking at the same time a slow-paced village spirit.

With its whitewashed historic homes, and a 13th century Chiesa Matrice, the old town of Cisternino is an absolute bliss to enjoy on an afternoon walk at around sun set.

We start our walk from the outskirts of the old town, (pictures shown up) to admire a bit of that calm and peaceful energy that this town gifts us with.

We walk towards Via Basiliani to enter through a small alley on to the main Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. (picture here below)

It feels like time has not changed the traditional way of living here in Puglia. You find kids playing on the street and your well-mannered housewife hanging her household's clean laundry out on her balcony.

Walking through historic towns, always feels like a labyrinth in some sort of way. All these alleys differ from eachother, yet each have their unique past and story. Its a rare kind of find, quiet truthfully, to be able to experience a historic town like Cisternino at sunset.


Since we care for you to experience good food and tradition at the same time, we would love to suggest the following places

for a good gelato

for an aperitivo with a breathtaking view

for an absolutely phenomenal pizza (cooked the old school way)

for the healthy choosers (best ones)

for a relaxing live music set after sun set


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