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Masseria Faraone | restructuring old stalls in the Trulli della Corte

After the end of Summer we (re)started restructuring the old stalls inside the Trulli della Corte, also known as the courtyard of the Masseria.

The Trulli inside the courtyard are made out of a total of 6 trulli and 2 lamie, which will end result in 3 small suites.

Here we find the first Suite made out of two Trulli cones and a small alcove attached to the trullo. This used to be an old horse stall, in fact the small alcoves carved in the walls were the antique food mangers.

Below, you find the second Suite, which will be up for rental on our website, ad

We will name it after the Giardino dell'Ulivo (the existing Giardino dell'Ulivo will be part of the Trulli dei Massari in spring 2018)

The floors are made out of historic 'chianche' the traditional stone used for building and flooring Apulian homes.

Last but not least, the suite named after the Trulli della Corte - made out of 3 Trulli cones. This one will also be available on our website for summer retreats and bed and breakfast stays starting spring 2018

Will be updating you guys soon on the works, construction workers started this month. Can't wait to share updates!

love from Puglia

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