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Masseria Faraone | the making of a Wild Blackberries jam Pie

During the season of Summer, the wildest and most sweetest blackberries are hand picked and selected for Masseria Faraone Blackberry Jams.

A Home-Made product all produced in-house at Masseria Faraone in the months of August and September. I guess the most rewarding part of making our Blackberry reserve is savoring the summer season during Winter.

After hand-picking our blackberries, we gently filter the fruits inside a cold pressed machine, divided the seeds from the fruit juice.

After cold pressing the Blackberries, the compost must be gently (Low flame) cooked and stirred for about 3 hours.

Resulting in a delicate and smooth jam ready to be shelved.

Now for the sweet toothed readers, here is a small recipe for making your own Blackberry pie


100ml of Blackberry Jam

For the dough

300 gr of Flour

150 gr of Sugar

100 gr of Butter

2 Eggs

1 Spoon of Rising flour (for desserts)

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