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Trulli Tuesday | preserving the authentic Trulli construction

The Trullo construction has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage since December, 1996. The technique and methods for restructuring the Trulli has been passed on from generation to generation by the Mastri Trullari, or also "master of trulli". Restructuring historic Trulli found in the d'Itria Valley, may seem quiet straightforward.

Trulli homes, a historic castle-like shape standing firm on the ground after 300 years of existence. The way in which massive limestones and conical roofs have been built so imperfectly, makes it an absolute work of art.

The Trulli dei Massari at Masseria Faraone have been completed filled over, yet preserving the original architectural features, with the use of traditional building materials and colors of the authentic farm house. Bringing back to life the traditional country house, an experience lost in the mists of time.

Experience a journey in time inside the magical Trulli home, with unique furniture pieces and artifacts from the 18th century.

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