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Places of Puglia | an afternoon walk in Monopoli

Monopoli, a town known for the warm temperatures and sunshine weather, good fish and the whitewashed historic town that gives you an incredible sense of joy.

With the adriatic sea gently touching upon the port of Monopoli, we walk along the harbor, where fishing boats and the traditional Monopolitan blue and red painted boats await.

The places that one cannot miss are the historic Port of Monopoli, Cala Porta Vecchia, il Castello Carlo V, and the Cattedrale Madonna della Madia

The historic Port of Monopoli overlooking the sea, gives you a sense of pure calmness, here we find il Palazzo Martinelli which has been built on the city walls. Standing out for its arched windows, recalling the Venetian conquering of Monopoli towards the end of 400.

Cala Porta Vecchia is a meeting place for all people, also a perfect for pleasant walks or simply to stand still and enjoy the sound of the waves gently reaching the shore.

Castello Carlo V, standing on Punta Penna. restructered a few years ago, and now one of the few historic buildings open to the public as a cultural center and a museum of itself.

At last, we cannot miss the beautiful Cathedral of Madonna della Madia, protector of Monopoli. The religious legend narrates that on the night between the 15 and 16 December 1117, in the port of Monopoli a wooden raft reached the shore with the icon depicting the Virgin and Child. And every year on December 16 and August 14 the Madonna della Madia is celebrated heartwarmingly with fireworks shows and fairs bringing together the city of Monopoli

For a more detailed guide of the city of Monopoli please visit the link here Monopoli - Cittá Turistica

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